Webinar Email Sequence Sample

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1. Invitation email with link to registration/sign-up page

2. Second invitation email with link to regisration/sign-up page

3. Confirmation email that they have signed up – immediate

4. Reminder email on the morning of the webinar

5. Worksheet about 3 hours before webinar (recommended)

6. Reminder email 1 hour before the webinar (I use the automatic GoToWebinar one)

7. Recording email – morning after webinar. One to attendees and one to registered but didn’t attend.

8. Reminder offer closes email – on the day the offer closes.

This is the string I use, but this is not an “exact” science.
Some marketers would send many more than this, but this is what I do.

There will also be a reminder sequence for people who don’t register – you will want to be emailing people several times to remind them about the webinar.
I do something like:
Promo Email 1 – 3-5 days before
Promo Email 2 – 1-3 days before
Promo Email 3 – on the morning